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uninterruptible power supply (UPS) click to hear : uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Device used to regulate the power supply to the computer and its peripherals by limiting the effects of cuts, surges or dips in the electric circuit voltage.
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input receptacle surge protection receptacle computer interface port battery backup/surge protection receptacles telephone surge protection jacks control lights on/off/test button

input receptacle click to hear : input receptacle

Jack used to connect the UPS to the electric grid.

surge protection receptacle click to hear : surge protection receptacle

Jack designed to protect equipment connected to it from damage caused by too high voltage.

computer interface port click to hear : computer interface port

Connector attaching the UPS to the computer; software can then turn the computer off before the battery runs out completely.

battery backup/surge protection receptacles click to hear : battery backup/surge protection receptacles

Antisurge jacks attached to a battery so that equipment connected to them have electric power in the event of a power outage.

telephone surge protection jacks click to hear : telephone surge protection jacks

Jacks designed to protect communications equipment (such as telephones, fax machines and modems) from damage caused by too high voltage.

control lights click to hear : control lights

Signal lights indicating the operating mode (main power or battery power) or certain problems (weak battery, overload).

on/off/test button click to hear : on/off/test button

Button that turns on the UPS and begins the procedure of checking the status of the battery.