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electronic typewriter click to hear : electronic typewriter

Equipment with a keyboard that is used to produce typewritten documents; it has certain word processing functions and an integrated memory.
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space bar mode relocation set tab setting margin control carriage return half indexing character correction word correction top plate variable spacer paper bail release lever paper release lever paper support code text spelling corrector shift key centering shift lock key decimal tab indent tabulator margin release text display pitch scale printing unit paper bail platen

space bar click to hear : space bar

Key that inserts a blank space between two words or characters.

mode click to hear : mode

Key that is used with another key to choose a setting (character pitch, line spacing, ribbon type).

relocation click to hear : relocation

Key used to automatically reposition the printing unit or cursor at the last keystroke position before making a correction.

set click to hear : set

Key used to confirm the execution of a command or the choice of a setting.

tab setting click to hear : tab setting

Key used to insert or remove a standard or decimal tab stop.

margin control click to hear : margin control

Key used to set the left and right margins.

carriage return click to hear : carriage return

Key that moves the printing unit or cursor to the beginning of the next line.

half indexing click to hear : half indexing

Key used to automatically move the paper up and down.

character correction click to hear : character correction

Key used to erase the character next to the printing unit or cursor.

word correction click to hear : word correction

Key used to erase the word immediately to the left of the printing unit or cursor.

top plate click to hear : top plate

variable spacer click to hear : variable spacer

Thumb wheel that controls the rotation of the platen so the paper can be moved up or down.

paper bail release lever click to hear : paper bail release lever

Device used to raise and lower the paper bail.

paper release lever click to hear : paper release lever

Device that releases the pressure of the platen on the paper so that the paper can be cleared or moved.

paper support click to hear : paper support

Folding part used to keep the paper in a vertical position.

code click to hear : code

Key that is used with another key to execute various programmed commands.

text click to hear : text

Key used to store texts in memory and to call them up later to make changes or to print them.

spelling corrector click to hear : spelling corrector

Key used to activate or deactivate the automatic spell checking of text being keyed in.

shift key click to hear : shift key

Key used to produce a capital letter or the second character assigned to the key.

centering click to hear : centering

Key used to center a text automatically between two margins or two tab stops.

shift lock key click to hear : shift lock key

Key that activates or deactivates the continuous keying of capital letters.

decimal tab click to hear : decimal tab

Key that aligns numbers columns at a preset decimal tab stop.

indent click to hear : indent

Key used to move the left margin temporarily to indent a line or paragraph.

tabulator click to hear : tabulator

Key that moves the printing unit or cursor to the next tab stop.

margin release click to hear : margin release

Key used to print characters outside the margin limits.

text display click to hear : text display

Liquid crystal display that shows keyed-in text as well as information about the machine’s settings and operations carried out.

pitch scale click to hear : pitch scale

Graduated scale that shows the different spacing available; it is measured in number of characters per unit of length.

printing unit click to hear : printing unit

Movable device with raised characters, which strike an inked ribbon to print on paper.

paper bail click to hear : paper bail

Part that holds the paper against the platen.

platen click to hear : platen

Rubber roller over which paper passes during printing.