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pocket calculator click to hear : pocket calculator

Small self-powered electronic instrument used to automatically make numerical calculations.
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equals key change sign key subtract from memory add in memory clear key divide key clear-entry key square root key multiply key decimal key subtract key number key memory cancel memory recall display solar cell wallet percent key add key

equals key click to hear : equals key

Key used to display the results of operations carried out.

change sign key click to hear : change sign key

Key used to change the plus or minus sign of the displayed number.

subtract from memory click to hear : subtract from memory

Key used to erase the displayed number from memory.

add in memory click to hear : add in memory

Key used to save the displayed number in memory.

clear key click to hear : clear key

Key used to return the pocket calculator to zero.

divide key click to hear : divide key

Key used to calculate the quotient of two numbers.

clear-entry key click to hear : clear-entry key

Key used to erase the last number entered.

square root key click to hear : square root key

Key used to derive the square root of a number; this is the number that is multiplied by itself to give the basic number.

multiply key click to hear : multiply key

Key used to calculate the product of two numbers.

decimal key click to hear : decimal key

Key used to insert a decimal symbol to separate the whole and fraction parts of a number.

subtract key click to hear : subtract key

Key used to calculate the difference between two numbers.

number key click to hear : number key

Key used to enter a number.

memory cancel click to hear : memory cancel

Button that erases data stored in memory.

memory recall click to hear : memory recall

Button that displays data stored in memory.

display click to hear : display

Liquid crystal display that shows the last number entered or the result of operations carried out.

solar cell click to hear : solar cell

Device that converts sunlight into electric current to power a pocket calculator.

wallet click to hear : wallet

percent key click to hear : percent key

Key used to obtain the decimal form of a displayed number by dividing it by 100; it is used mainly to calculate percentages.

add key click to hear : add key

Key used to add two numbers.