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wide area network click to hear : wide area network

Private or public network spanning a large area (a region or country); it usually brings together several local area networks.
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hub uninterruptible power supply (UPS) laptop computer modem telephone/cable/satellite line bridge backup storage unit printer Internet firewall file server gateway switch backbone dedicated line desktop computer routers server hub

hub click to hear : hub

Unit that receives all messages sent by the devices connected to it and redistributes them to all users.

uninterruptible power supply (UPS) click to hear : uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Device used to regulate the power supply to the computer and its peripherals by limiting the effects of cuts, surges or dips in the electric circuit voltage.

laptop computer click to hear : laptop computer

Small stand-alone microcomputer with a screen and integrated keyboard; it is powered by an internal battery.

modem click to hear : modem

Device that converts digital signals into analog signals so that computers can communicate with each other over telephone lines.

telephone/cable/satellite line click to hear : telephone/cable/satellite line

Linking of off-site devices by telephone network, cable network or telecommunications satellite.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Interconnecting device linking similar networks.

backup storage unit click to hear : backup storage unit

Storage peripheral used to copy data onto a removable medium to facilitate retrieval in the event of loss.

printer click to hear : printer

Output peripheral allowing computer-generated characters, images and graphics to be reproduced on paper.

Internet click to hear : Internet

Global network consisting of thousands of public and private networks of varying sizes; it is linked by a set of standard communications protocols.

firewall click to hear : firewall

Device controlling data that circulate between a public network (such as the Internet) and a private network; it prevents unauthorized access to the latter.

file server click to hear : file server

Server hosting a set of data files that are at the disposal of all computers connected to the network.

gateway click to hear : gateway

Interconnecting device linking different networks.

switch click to hear : switch

Unit establishing the connections needed to route data to intended users from one branch of a network to another; it also handles traffic between the various parts of a network.

backbone click to hear : backbone

Main artery of a network characterized by a high throughput; it transmits data between secondary networks.

dedicated line click to hear : dedicated line

Telephone or cable communications link reserved for one use or for a specific user.

desktop computer click to hear : desktop computer

Small workstation or microcomputer designed for stationary use.

routers click to hear : routers

Interconnecting devices ensuring transmission of data between two or more networks by determining the best path for them.

server click to hear : server

Computer that hosts various resources (including files, applications and databases) and places them at the disposal of all the devices connected to the network.

hub click to hear : hub

Unit that receives all messages sent by the devices connected to it and redistributes them to all users.