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Internet uses click to hear : Internet uses

A number of user types use Internet tools and resources to communicate, find information and entertainment, make purchases and manage funds.
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chat room e-mail online game home user educational institution government organization commercial concern search e-commerce health organization cultural organization industry enterprise database information spreading business transactions server

chat room click to hear : chat room

Activity allowing two or more Internet users to converse in writing in real time.

e-mail click to hear : e-mail

Service by which messages are exchanged between users of a computer network.

online game click to hear : online game

Video game accessible over the Internet; users can play solo or with multiple players at a distance.

home user click to hear : home user

Anyone can access the Internet from home through an Internet service provider (ISP).

educational institution click to hear : educational institution

The Internet provides teachers, researchers and students with countless opportunities to research and exchange information.

government organization click to hear : government organization

The Internet has made it easy for government departments and agencies to communicate with other organizations and with the citizens they serve.

commercial concern click to hear : commercial concern

A company that specializes in product marketing can use the Internet to contact suppliers and customers.

search click to hear : search

Locating information on a given topic in the hope of finding something useful; it is usually done with the help of a search engine.

e-commerce click to hear : e-commerce

Sale or promotion of products and services over the Internet.

health organization click to hear : health organization

The Internet fosters exchanges between researchers, health professionals and patients.

cultural organization click to hear : cultural organization

The Internet allows the public to learn about programs offered by cultural organizations in a city or region.

industry click to hear : industry

The Internet allows a manufacturer to communicate with its suppliers, customers and regulatory bodies.

enterprise click to hear : enterprise

The Internet facilitates exchanges between employees within the same company and between the company and its customers and suppliers.

database click to hear : database

Group of data related to the same topic that is arranged in order and available for direct consultation by several users.

information spreading click to hear : information spreading

Transmission of information about an organization, an event, a product or a topic, usually by creating or updating a Web site.

business transactions click to hear : business transactions

Operations involving financing and funds management (e.g., arranging a loan or transferring funds) over the Internet.

server click to hear : server

Computer that hosts various resources (including files, applications and databases) and places them at the disposal of all the devices connected to the network.