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printing calculator click to hear : printing calculator

Office calculator with an integrated printer; it is used mainly in business and administration.
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paper feed key double zero key add/equals key non-add/subtotal printer multiple use key number of decimals

paper feed key click to hear : paper feed key

Key used to move the paper forward.

double zero key click to hear : double zero key

Key that enters two zeros; it is used to speed up the entry of large numbers.

add/equals key click to hear : add/equals key

Key used to display the results of operations carried out; on some calculators, it can also be used to do repeated calculations.

non-add/subtotal click to hear : non-add/subtotal

Key used to print numbers other than calculations (codes, dates) or to obtain the results of an operations subset.

printer click to hear : printer

Device that makes a hard copy of data transmitted by the calculator.

multiple use key click to hear : multiple use key

Key that facilitates certain financial calculations (margin, selling price, costs).

number of decimals click to hear : number of decimals

Device used to adjust the number of decimals making up the fraction of a number.