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hanging file file guides folder ring binder document folder post binder

hanging file click to hear : hanging file

Folder fitted with metal hangers that is hung in a filing cabinet drawer.

file guides click to hear : file guides

Heavyweight sheets of paper with a tab at the top; they are used to separate groups of documents or folders in a filing cabinet drawer.

folder click to hear : folder

Rigid cardboard that is folded in half; documents on the same topic are placed in it.

ring binder click to hear : ring binder

Hardcover binder fitted with rings; it is used to hold and file punched sheets of paper.

document folder click to hear : document folder

Folder with pockets used to hold information documents; they are often handed out to meeting participants or journalists.

post binder click to hear : post binder

Binder with two rods that fit into a hinge; it is used to hold and file punched sheets of paper.