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pliers click to hear : pliers

Hand tools with two movable jaws of fixed or variable gaps, intended for gripping or clamping objects.
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locking pliers release lever rivet toothed jaw adjusting screw lever spring

locking pliers click to hear : locking pliers

Used as pliers, wrench and vice, it has variable-gap jaws for gripping and clamping objects.

release lever click to hear : release lever

Lever for unlocking the pliers and releasing the grip.

rivet click to hear : rivet

Riveted assembly part that is the axle of articulation for the release lever.

toothed jaw click to hear : toothed jaw

Striated straight or curved part that, with its twin, grasps or clamps an object.

adjusting screw click to hear : adjusting screw

Screw regulating the jaws’ gap.

lever click to hear : lever

The pressure of the adjusting screw raises or lowers it, thereby controlling the jaws’ gap.

spring click to hear : spring

Tight when the handles are closed to lock the pliers, it resumes its shape when unlocked and the handles return to their initial position.