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do-it-yourself image

Construction, installation or repair work carried out in a house without professional help.

covering materials image

covering materials
Materials covering a surface, usually for the purpose of protecting or decorating it.

insulating materials image

insulating materials
Materials impeding the transfer of heat to the outside, or cold to the inside, of a building or a duct.

plumbing tools image

plumbing tools
The purpose of plumbing is to install, maintain and repair a dwelling’s pipes and sanitary fixtures.

masonry tools image

masonry tools
The purpose of masonry is to build and repair structures or to cover walls with brick, stone or concrete blocks.

electricity tools image

electricity tools
The purpose of the electrical trade is to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and devices in a place or building.

ladders and stepladders image

ladders and stepladders
Movable devices of wood or metal, composed of rungs or steps and used to reach relatively high areas.

basic building materials image

basic building materials
Components that, when assembled, form the structure of a building.

wood image

Relatively hard, dense substance forming the trunks, branches and roots of trees. The wood of each species has distinct characteristics.

carpentry: nailing tools image

carpentry: nailing tools
Carpentry: working with wood to build simple furniture or carry out construction and renovation projects.

soldering and welding tools image

soldering and welding tools
Welding joins two parts by fusing their edges, while soldering does so by fusing a finishing metal (solder) placed on the joint.

painting upkeep image

painting upkeep
The main purpose of this type of work is to apply paint, stain or varnish to a surface.