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soldering torch click to hear : soldering torch

Portable tool operating on gas, for fastening parts using a finishing metal with a low melting point, such as lead.
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disposable fuel cylinder pencil point tip striker flint friction strip tip cleaners flame spreader tip

disposable fuel cylinder click to hear : disposable fuel cylinder

Small interchangeable tank, filled with gas (usually propane or butane) supplying the burner.

pencil point tip click to hear : pencil point tip

Detachable end in which the gas is burned, and whose shape produces a slender flame with a fine tip.

striker click to hear : striker

Instrument producing a spark for lighting the gas emitted by a nozzle, head or burner.

flint click to hear : flint

Small stone that is scraped against an abrasive surface to produce a spark.

friction strip click to hear : friction strip

Abrasive surface on which a flint is struck to produce a spark.

tip cleaners click to hear : tip cleaners

Fine metal needles of various sizes used for clearing the inside of a nozzle, head or burner.

flame spreader tip click to hear : flame spreader tip

Detachable end producing a wide flame for covering a larger surface.