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table saw click to hear : table saw

Set composed of a table, a circular saw and guiding accessories, for making straight or oblique cuts to large pieces.
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rip fence rip fence slot rip fence lock miter gauge switch blade height and tilting mechanism blade lock handle rip fence rule table extension miter gauge slot table rip fence guide blade blade guard

rip fence click to hear : rip fence

Movable part, perpendicular to the surface, controlling the width of the cut in the lengthwise direction.

rip fence slot click to hear : rip fence slot

Groove containing the rip fence guide and making its slide parallel.

rip fence lock click to hear : rip fence lock

Locking handle used to keep the guide still and parallel to the desired spot on the table.

miter gauge click to hear : miter gauge

Movable accessory for a transverse cut that positions a piece at a precise angle (between 45° and 90°), and guides it toward the blade.

switch click to hear : switch

blade height and tilting mechanism click to hear : blade height and tilting mechanism

Wheel that moves along an angle indicator (between 0° and 45°) and regulates the blade’s height and inclination.

blade lock handle click to hear : blade lock handle

Screw locking the blade in the height and tilt settings.

rip fence rule click to hear : rip fence rule

Scale showing the distance between the parallel guide and the blade, and, therefore, the width of the cut.

table extension click to hear : table extension

Part extending the table’s work surface.

miter gauge slot click to hear : miter gauge slot

Notch in the table in which the miter gauge slides.

table click to hear : table

Flat surface supporting the piece to saw and the guiding accessories.

rip fence guide click to hear : rip fence guide

Perforated part whose motion along a track keeps the guide parallel to the exact measure desired.

blade click to hear : blade

Thin metal disk with teeth; it rotates to cut pieces of metal or wood.

blade guard click to hear : blade guard

Device covering the blade in order to protect the user’s hands and prevent sawdust from escaping.