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hand miter saw click to hear : hand miter saw

Device consisting of a handsaw and a guide for cutting a piece at a precise angle.
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blade fence clamp end stop miter scale handle miter latch miter box

blade click to hear : blade

It is set in a rigid frame, which is part of a movable device that moves the blade vertically and horizontally.

fence click to hear : fence

Perpendicular plate on the surface bracing the piece to be cut.

clamp click to hear : clamp

Instrument for locking a piece against the fence and the grooved surface.

end stop click to hear : end stop

Adjustable device against which the piece rests to keep it from moving.

miter scale click to hear : miter scale

Graduated scale for regulating the blade precisely to the selected cut angle.

handle click to hear : handle

miter latch click to hear : miter latch

Device for locking the blade at the desired angle.

miter box click to hear : miter box

Grooved instrument for guiding the saw to make cuts at precise angles.