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ladders and stepladders click to hear : ladders and stepladders

Movable devices of wood or metal, composed of rungs or steps and used to reach relatively high areas.
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rope ladder hook ladder foldaway ladder straight ladder extension ladder antislip shoe hoisting rope locking device pulley side rail rung

rope ladder click to hear : rope ladder

Suspension ladder whose side rails and rungs are made of cord.

hook ladder click to hear : hook ladder

Straight ladder with one end having fixed or detachable hooks to keep the ladder in place on a structure.

foldaway ladder click to hear : foldaway ladder

Articulating ladder that can be folded up into a trap door.

straight ladder click to hear : straight ladder

Ladder that leans against a wall, comprised of two parallel side rails joined by rungs.

extension ladder click to hear : extension ladder

Straight ladder of adjustable height, made up of two superimposed planes that slide one on the other.

antislip shoe click to hear : antislip shoe

Part attached to the bottom end of the side rail to prevent slipping.

hoisting rope click to hear : hoisting rope

Rope that is pulled to raise and lower the upper part of the ladder.

locking device click to hear : locking device

Hook immobilizing the upper part of the ladder at the desired height by hooking onto a rung; it can also be released to lower the upper part.

pulley click to hear : pulley

Small wheel for maneuvering the hoisting cord.

side rail click to hear : side rail

Part supporting rungs or steps.

rung click to hear : rung

Bar on a ladder that constitutes a step.