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vise click to hear : vise

Press with two jaws; it is attached to a worktable and used for clamping objects.
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swivel lock bolt fixed base swivel base fixed jaw movable jaw handle adjusting screw

swivel lock click to hear : swivel lock

Sliding bar clamping down the swivel base by locking it into the desired position.

bolt click to hear : bolt

Threaded metal plug with a head that is tightly screwed into a nut to secure the vise to a work bench.

fixed base click to hear : fixed base

The tool’s supporting block, usually bolted onto a work bench.

swivel base click to hear : swivel base

Rotating surface surmounting the fixed base, which allows the vise to turn 360°.

fixed jaw click to hear : fixed jaw

Smooth or striated part against which the movable jaw presses an object.

movable jaw click to hear : movable jaw

Smooth or striated jaw that presses an object against the fixed jaw.

handle click to hear : handle

Sliding bar for tightening or loosening the adjusting screw, thereby spreading or closing the jaws.

adjusting screw click to hear : adjusting screw

Threaded shank whose rotation is controlled by the handle; it moves the jaw toward or away from the piece to be clamped.