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bolts click to hear : bolts

Metal plugs ending in a head and threaded so they can be tightly screwed into nuts to secure fastenings and assemblies.
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bolt nut head shoulder bolt threaded rod shoulder

bolt click to hear : bolt

Metal threaded plug ending in a head; it is tightly screwed into a nut to secure fastenings and assemblies.

nut click to hear : nut

Hollow cylinder of metal whose lining is threaded to screw onto a corresponding bolt.

head click to hear : head

Widened end of the bolt, of various shapes and sizes.

shoulder bolt click to hear : shoulder bolt

Bolt whose head comprises a section of smaller diameter for concentrating the tightening pressure.

threaded rod click to hear : threaded rod

Elongated part whose surface has a spiral protrusion for screwing into a corresponding nut.

shoulder click to hear : shoulder

Cylindrical nonthreaded protrusion used as a bracket as the bolt is being tightened.