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brace click to hear : brace

Hand tool, made up of an angled crank and a pawl and ratchet mechanism, for drilling holes.
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jaw chuck cam ring pawl ratchet quill front knob crank handle

jaw click to hear : jaw

The parts of the chuck that grip the tool to keep it firmly in place.

chuck click to hear : chuck

Device with jaws for attaching the bit or drill to the tool.

cam ring click to hear : cam ring

Metal cylinder covering the crank above the pawl.

pawl click to hear : pawl

Small lever for changing the chuck’s direction of rotation by reversing the ratchet motion.

ratchet click to hear : ratchet

Toothed wheel having only one direction of rotation; it is kept in place by the pawl.

quill click to hear : quill

Hollow end of the front knob in which the crank turns.

front knob click to hear : front knob

Knob for holding and stabilizing the tool while the other hand turns the crank by using the handle.

crank click to hear : crank

Angled shank whose rotation drives the chuck, by the agency of a pawl and ratchet mechanism.

handle click to hear : handle

Movable part for turning the crank.