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pipe clamp click to hear : pipe clamp

Large press comprising a metal pipe supporting a jaw and a tail stop.
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jaw handle tail stop locking lever pipe clamping screw

jaw click to hear : jaw

Movable part for pressing more objects against the tail stop.

handle click to hear : handle

Sliding bar that adjusts the screw to slide the tail stop’s jaw up or down the pipe.

tail stop click to hear : tail stop

Movable jaw whose motion along the pipe quickly adjusts the tool to the length of the object to be clamped.

locking lever click to hear : locking lever

Handle that fixes the tail stop at the desired position on the pipe.

pipe click to hear : pipe

Hollow cylinder of varying length, along which the jaw and the tail stop slide.

clamping screw click to hear : clamping screw

Threaded shank whose rotation, controlled by the clamping lever, causes the jaw to slide along the pipe to or from the object to be clamped.