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electricity tools click to hear : electricity tools

The purpose of the electrical trade is to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and devices in a place or building.
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multimeter auto/manual range probe housing cord input terminal selector switch data hold digital display

multimeter click to hear : multimeter

Device for measuring, among other things, a conductor’s resistance, the voltage between two points and the strength of the current.

auto/manual range click to hear : auto/manual range

Button for choosing between the automatic and manual gauge for each function.

probe click to hear : probe

Metal tip connecting the multimeter to the circuit being tested.

housing click to hear : housing

cord click to hear : cord

Flexible electric wire housing the leads connecting the appliance to the electric circuit.

input terminal click to hear : input terminal

Socket for receiving a probe’s cord.

selector switch click to hear : selector switch

Device for selecting the desired function and the appropriate gauge for the measurement.

data hold click to hear : data hold

Function for keeping certain readings in memory.

digital display click to hear : digital display

Liquid-crystal screen displaying the reading taken by the device.