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masonry tools click to hear : masonry tools

The purpose of masonry is to build and repair structures or to cover walls with brick, stone or concrete blocks.
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joint filler hawk square trowel mason’s trowel blade handle tang bricklayer’s hammer

joint filler click to hear : joint filler

Tool whose fine blade is used to smooth noticeable joints in a facing.

hawk click to hear : hawk

Plate with a short handle, used mainly to hold mortar, plaster and coatings when applying them to a facing.

square trowel click to hear : square trowel

Tool with a rectangular blade, usually used for smoothing plaster and small concrete surfaces.

mason’s trowel click to hear : mason’s trowel

Tool with a trapezoidal blade, used mainly for spreading and smoothing mortar and concrete.

blade click to hear : blade

Slightly curved, for placing mortar on the desired spot.

handle click to hear : handle

tang click to hear : tang

Part of the blade extending into the handle, by which it is attached.

bricklayer’s hammer click to hear : bricklayer’s hammer

Hammer with a long, pointed peen, used for finishing brick and stone and for removing a damaged covering.