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masonry tools click to hear : masonry tools

The purpose of masonry is to build and repair structures or to cover walls with brick, stone or concrete blocks.
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caulking gun nozzle gun piston lever piston release cartridge tip

caulking gun click to hear : caulking gun

Instrument using a piston mechanism for applying caulking to seal joints and openings.

nozzle click to hear : nozzle

Conical nozzle forming the end of the cartridge.

gun click to hear : gun

Open cylindrical instrument supporting a cartridge.

piston lever click to hear : piston lever

Trigger controlling the forward motion of the cartridge.

piston release click to hear : piston release

Elbow-shaped shaft with a push stick (piston) that compresses the contents of the cartridge or releases the gun.

cartridge click to hear : cartridge

Small replaceable reservoir, fitted with a nozzle and containing a malleable, adhesive caulking.

tip click to hear : tip

End of the nozzle through which the caulking is applied.