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plumbing tools click to hear : plumbing tools

The purpose of plumbing is to install, maintain and repair a dwelling’s pipes and sanitary fixtures.
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wrenches adjustable spud wrench basin wrench chain pipe wrench strap wrench pipe wrench

wrenches click to hear : wrenches

Hand tools with fixed or variable openings, used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, and for assembling and disassembling objects.

adjustable spud wrench click to hear : adjustable spud wrench

Wrench with a usually smooth, adjustable opening, for tightening objects that are somewhat fragile.

basin wrench click to hear : basin wrench

Wrench whose jaws are perpendicular to a telescoping handle, and pivot to open at variable positions; it is used for working in cramped spaces.

chain pipe wrench click to hear : chain pipe wrench

Wrench whose chain acts as a jaw for gripping large pipes and irregularly shaped objects.

strap wrench click to hear : strap wrench

Wrench whose strap acts as a jaw to grip objects that are difficult to access or whose surfaces must not be damaged.

pipe wrench click to hear : pipe wrench

Wrench with notched jaws and adjustable opening for firmly gripping nuts, couplings and thick-walled pipes.