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plumbing tools click to hear : plumbing tools

The purpose of plumbing is to install, maintain and repair a dwelling’s pipes and sanitary fixtures.
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Teflon tape soldering torch disposable fuel cylinder pencil point tip tube cutter hacksaw tube flaring tool pipe threader

Teflon tape click to hear : Teflon tape

Flexible waterproof ribbon for covering threaded pipe joints to prevent leakage.

soldering torch click to hear : soldering torch

Portable tool operating on gas, for fastening parts using a finishing metal with a low melting point, such as lead.

disposable fuel cylinder click to hear : disposable fuel cylinder

Small interchangeable tank, filled with gas (usually propane or butane) supplying the burner.

pencil point tip click to hear : pencil point tip

Detachable end in which the gas is burned, and whose shape produces a slender flame with a fine tip.

tube cutter click to hear : tube cutter

Hand tool fitted with a cutting wheel for making straight even cuts to metal or plastic pipes.

hacksaw click to hear : hacksaw

Frame handsaw for sawing metal of varying thicknesses.

tube flaring tool click to hear : tube flaring tool

Hand tool composed of a clamp and a conical instrument that is inserted into a pipe to widen the end.

pipe threader click to hear : pipe threader

Round part with teeth, mounted on a diestock, for creating a thread on the outside of a pipe by hand.