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Head: broadened end of the screw, whose shape and slot vary.
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oval head one-way head socket head round head cross head flat head

oval head click to hear : oval head

Slotted head topped with an ornamental spherical part that is not driven beneath the wood’s surface.

one-way head click to hear : one-way head

Slotted head having two opposing quarters removed so that the screw can be turned one way only, making it very difficult to unscrew.

socket head click to hear : socket head

Head with a square socket that varies in size.

round head click to hear : round head

Slotted rounded head whose base is flat so that it presses against the wood or metal surface.

cross head click to hear : cross head

Head whose crisscross indentation keeps the screwdriver in the middle of the head, providing a very firm grip.

flat head click to hear : flat head

Slotted head becoming flush with the surface of the wood when completely embedded.