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Bits: detachable tools fitted with edges or abrasive parts; a router applies a rotating motion on them to mill a piece of work.
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rounding-over bit core box bit cove bit rabbet bit dovetail bit chamfer bit

rounding-over bit click to hear : rounding-over bit

Depending on the way it is positioned, it is a bit for rounding the edge of a piece of wood or for making a convex molding with a shoulder.

core box bit click to hear : core box bit

Bit usually used to mill grooves in wood in the shape of semicircles.

cove bit click to hear : cove bit

Bit used especially for concave moldings or for cutting articulating joints for a gate-leg table.

rabbet bit click to hear : rabbet bit

Bit for cutting an edge at right angles, used especially for making frames and for various cabinetmaking joints.

dovetail bit click to hear : dovetail bit

Bit for making cuts shaped like a dove’s tail, often used in joining drawers.

chamfer bit click to hear : chamfer bit

Bit for beveling edges at a 45° angle to create decorative edges and joints.