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jointer plane click to hear : jointer plane

The longest in the plane family, it is used for planing large pieces of wood and is not thrown off by bumps or indentations.
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depth-of-cut adjustment knob knob lever cap sole heel toe

depth-of-cut adjustment knob click to hear : depth-of-cut adjustment knob

Screw for controlling the motion of the blade in relation to the sole; this determines the depth of the cut.

knob click to hear : knob

Handle for guiding and stabilizing the tool.

lever cap click to hear : lever cap

Part keeping the blade and the cap iron in place and under pressure.

sole click to hear : sole

Support plate, which lies on the surface of the piece to be planed.

heel click to hear : heel

Rear end of the tool.

toe click to hear : toe

Front end of the tool.