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covering materials click to hear : covering materials

Materials covering a surface, usually for the purpose of protecting or decorating it.
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gypsum tile gypsum board floor tile shingle diamond mesh metal lath

gypsum tile click to hear : gypsum tile

Small molded-plaster component, solid or hollow, with holes on the sides; it is used to construct and repair walls.

gypsum board click to hear : gypsum board

Large panel made of a layer of plaster covered with paperboard, usually used as a finishing material on a dwelling’s interior walls.

floor tile click to hear : floor tile

Small flat component of regular shape, made from various materials and used for covering floors and walls.

shingle click to hear : shingle

Small wooden plank used to cover roofs and walls that are especially exposed to inclement weather.

diamond mesh metal lath click to hear : diamond mesh metal lath

Metal grid used as a framework or support for plaster and other coatings.