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welding torch click to hear : welding torch

Torch for joining metal parts using a flame produced by burning gas.
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mixing chamber acetylene valve tip head tube handle oxygen valve

mixing chamber click to hear : mixing chamber

Part of the torch where acetylene and oxygen are mixed. The proportion and flow of the gases, regulated by the valves, determine the flame’s properties.

acetylene valve click to hear : acetylene valve

Valve controlling the volume of acetylene entering the torch.

tip click to hear : tip

End of the head tube; combustion takes place where it opens.

head tube click to hear : head tube

Detachable part conducting the gaseous mixture to the nozzle.

handle click to hear : handle

Rigid tube containing the conduits for the welding gas; it also makes the torch easy to handle.

oxygen valve click to hear : oxygen valve

Valve controlling the volume of oxygen introduced into the welding torch.