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pruning and cutting tools click to hear : pruning and cutting tools

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chainsaw chain brake bar nose guide bar cutter link chainsaw chain engine housing oil pan starter handle fuel tank accelerator control handle security trigger stop button air filter antivibration handle

chainsaw click to hear : chainsaw

Portable motorized saw with a cutting chain; it is manipulated with two hands to cut tree limbs, fell trees and saw wood.

chain brake click to hear : chain brake

Part that is the machine’s shield and release lever for stopping the chain in case of kickback or a false move.

bar nose click to hear : bar nose

Front end of the guide bar.

guide bar click to hear : guide bar

Grooved metal blade along which the chainsaw chain moves.

cutter link click to hear : cutter link

Chain link on which a rounded cutting blade is mounted.

chainsaw chain click to hear : chainsaw chain

Chain equipped with cutter links, which move at high speed along the edge of the guide bar.

engine housing click to hear : engine housing

oil pan click to hear : oil pan

Reservoir containing oil for lubricating certain parts of the tool, such as the chain.

starter handle click to hear : starter handle

Handle connected to a cable that is pulled to start the engine.

fuel tank click to hear : fuel tank

Reservoir containing the fuel supplying the engine.

accelerator control click to hear : accelerator control

Mechanism for starting, stopping and controlling the speed of the chain.

handle click to hear : handle

Part for gripping and handling the tool.

security trigger click to hear : security trigger

Device blocking the accelerator control to prevent the chain from being activated accidentally.

stop button click to hear : stop button

Button for instantly stopping the engine.

air filter click to hear : air filter

Device that removes dust from the air entering the engine.

antivibration handle click to hear : antivibration handle

Auxiliary handle, insulated from the housing by rubber shock absorbers that dampen the vibrations produced by the tool.