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gasoline pump click to hear : gasoline pump

Machine with a pump for refilling vehicles with fuel.
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pump number slip presenter operating instructions alphanumeric keyboard card reader slot display total sale display gasoline pump hose type of fuel pump nozzle price per gallon/liter volume display

pump number click to hear : pump number

slip presenter click to hear : slip presenter

Slot through which the user is given the payment receipt for the card payment.

operating instructions click to hear : operating instructions

Set of instructions explaining the steps to follow to use the gasoline pump.

alphanumeric keyboard click to hear : alphanumeric keyboard

Set of buttons for entering numbers, letters and other kinds of information.

card reader slot click to hear : card reader slot

The card is inserted into the device, which verifies the customer’s personal identification number (PIN) before the transaction can begin.

display click to hear : display

Surface displaying instructions for customers paying by card.

total sale display click to hear : total sale display

Screen displaying the total price, corresponding to the volume of fuel pumped.

gasoline pump hose click to hear : gasoline pump hose

Flexible pipe connected to the pump, maintaining fuel flow.

type of fuel click to hear : type of fuel

Choice of available fuels (such as diesel and gasoline) and the price of each per volume unit (liter or gallon).

pump nozzle click to hear : pump nozzle

Gun-shaped spout at the end of the gasoline pump hose and used to pour fuel into the vehicle’s tank.

price per gallon/liter click to hear : price per gallon/liter

Screen displaying the price per volume unit (liter or gallon) of the fuel chosen.

volume display click to hear : volume display

Screen displaying, in gallons or liters, the volume of fuel pumped.