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road transport image

road transport
The means and installations that together provide for the transportation of passengers and cargo by motorized vehicles.

road tunnel image

road tunnel
Underground passage for a road under an obstacle, such as a river or a hill.

radiator image

Vessel in which the coolant, which circulates around the engine, is cooled by means of flowing air.

battery image

Unit storing the electricity produced by the alternator and releasing it to supply the vehicle’s electric system.

spark plug image

spark plug
Electric device whose two electrodes produce the spark necessary to ignite the air/gasoline mixture in the cylinder.

hybrid automobile image

hybrid automobile
Car powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, reducing gasoline consumption and polluting emissions.

electric automobile image

electric automobile
Car propelled by an electric motor whose energy is provided by a battery.

4 X 4 all-terrain vehicle image

4 X 4 all-terrain vehicle
Four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for traversing most kinds of terrain, equipped with a motorcycle engine.

road system image

road system
Network of thoroughfares providing for the flow of traffic.

movable bridges image

movable bridges
Bridges whose decks move to free up the transportation channel they cross, or that are built temporarily while awaiting a permanent structure.

road signs image

road signs
Objects such as signs, traffic lights and road markings, aimed at ensuring the safety of the road’s users and increasing traffic-flow efficiency.

brakes image

Units slowing down or stopping the rotation of the vehicle’s wheels.

tire image

Circular deformable unit made of rubber, mounted on the wheel and inflated with air, providing the connection between the car and the road, and absorbing the unevenness of the road.

caravan image

Motorized or towed vehicle fitted out as a dwelling.

bus image

Motorized vehicle for city or intercity transportation of passengers who are standing or seated.

motorcycle image

Two-wheeled motorized vehicle whose engine cylinder is larger than 125 cubic centimeters.

bicycle image

Frame vehicle steered by the front wheel and propelled by the rear wheel, which in turn is driven, via a chain, by a pedal mechanism.