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diesel engine cycle click to hear : diesel engine cycle

Diesel engine: combustion engine in which the compressed air becomes sufficiently hot to ignite the injected fuel.
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power fuel injector compression injection/combustion intake air exhaust

power click to hear : power

Stroke during which the expansion of the burning gases pushes the piston downward.

fuel injector click to hear : fuel injector

Device pulverizing the fuel in the combustion chamber.

compression click to hear : compression

Stroke during which the piston rises, compressing the air, which becomes heated under the pressure.

injection/combustion click to hear : injection/combustion

Fuel ignites immediately when it is injected into the hot air at very high pressure.

intake click to hear : intake

Phase during which the exhaust valve opens and the piston comes down and draws the air/fuel mixture into the combustion chamber.

air click to hear : air

Air enters the combustion chamber.

exhaust click to hear : exhaust

Phase during which the piston moves up and forces the burned gases toward the exhaust valve.