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4 X 4 all-terrain vehicle click to hear : 4 X 4 all-terrain vehicle

Four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for traversing most kinds of terrain, equipped with a motorcycle engine.
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gearshift lever front shock absorber bumper handgrip gas tank seat rear cargo rack rear fender muffler

gearshift lever click to hear : gearshift lever

Pedal located under the driver’s foot, for changing the ratio between the motor’s speed of rotation and that of the wheels.

front shock absorber click to hear : front shock absorber

Cylindrical mechanism attached to the front wheel and coupled with a spring; it absorbs shocks caused by unevenness in the road.

bumper click to hear : bumper

Malleable component partly absorbing impact in the event of a front-on collision.

handgrip click to hear : handgrip

Extension of the handlebars used for steering the ATV.

gas tank click to hear : gas tank

Reservoir containing the fuel that makes the vehicle self-sufficient.

seat click to hear : seat

Usually leather seat where the driver sits.

rear cargo rack click to hear : rear cargo rack

Support at the rear of the vehicle, for attaching a trunk or for lashing down luggage using straps.

rear fender click to hear : rear fender

Piece of curved metal covering the rear wheel, for protecting the motorcyclist from being splashed.

muffler click to hear : muffler

Compartmentalized chamber in which the escaping gases expand, thus reducing the noise from the engine.