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trailer click to hear : trailer

Caravan fitted out as a dwelling, usually pulled by an automobile.
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tow bar propane gas cylinder lighting cable landing gear sun visor retractable step outlet door storage compartment awning channel roof vent side vent grab handle towing hitch hydraulic jack body tow safety chain

tow bar click to hear : tow bar

Metal piece attached to the caravan’s chassis; it comprises a towing hitch and enables the caravan to be connected to the towing vehicle.

propane gas cylinder click to hear : propane gas cylinder

Tank containing a gas reserve for supplying the caravan’s stove and heating system.

lighting cable click to hear : lighting cable

Electric wire for connecting the caravan’s lighting and signaling system to that of the vehicle towing it.

landing gear click to hear : landing gear

The towing hitch’s telescopic support, which props up the caravan when it is parked.

sun visor click to hear : sun visor

Device protecting against the Sun’s direct rays.

retractable step click to hear : retractable step

Folding apparatus attached to the door sill, for stepping up into or down from the caravan.

outlet click to hear : outlet

Device connected to the main current by an electric cord, which transmits the electric current to the appliances in the caravan.

door click to hear : door

Opening comprising a leaf pivoting on hinge pins, for entering and exiting the caravan.

storage compartment click to hear : storage compartment

Compartment for storing bulky objects, usually accessible from the inside and the outside of the caravan.

awning channel click to hear : awning channel

Track where the edge of an awning is inserted so it can be spread out in front of the caravan.

roof vent click to hear : roof vent

Opening in the roof, fitted with a cover, for letting in fresh air when parked.

side vent click to hear : side vent

Grille on the side of the body, for letting in fresh air.

grab handle click to hear : grab handle

Vertical handle, placed at shoulder height near the door, that one holds to step up into the caravan.

towing hitch click to hear : towing hitch

Device placed at the end of the tow bar, securing the caravan to the hitch ball of the vehicle towing it.

hydraulic jack click to hear : hydraulic jack

Mechanism composed of a cylinder and a piston and activated by hydraulic pressure; it allows the landing gear to be deployed by turning a crank.

body click to hear : body

Rigid metal frame comprising the body of the caravan.

tow safety chain click to hear : tow safety chain

Part of an antitheft device attached to the towing hitch, which stops anyone from hitching or unhitching the caravan.