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luggage click to hear : luggage

Articles such as suitcases, boxes and bags that are used to store and protect items packed for a trip.
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utility case carry-on bag shoulder strap exterior pocket handle tote bag

utility case click to hear : utility case

Multicompartment case designed to hold articles such as toiletries, cosmetics and jewelry.

carry-on bag click to hear : carry-on bag

Travel bag that can be carried into an airplane cabin because its dimensions do not exceed the limits set by carriers.

shoulder strap click to hear : shoulder strap

Long belt often with a buckle to adjust it; it is used to carry the bag over the shoulder or diagonally across the chest.

exterior pocket click to hear : exterior pocket

handle click to hear : handle

It is used to pick up and carry the bag.

tote bag click to hear : tote bag

Light travel bag with soft sides and only one compartment.