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handbags click to hear : handbags

Relatively soft and light accessory that contains a pocket and is carried in the hand, under the arm or over the shoulder; it is used to carry various objects.
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shopping bag carrier bag duffel bag sea bag tote bag

shopping bag click to hear : shopping bag

Large carrier bag.

carrier bag click to hear : carrier bag

Large sturdy bag with handles that is used to carry groceries.

duffel bag click to hear : duffel bag

Cylindrical bag usually with a zipper along its entire length; it has two symmetrical handles or a shoulder strap.

sea bag click to hear : sea bag

Large, usually leather-bottomed drawstring bag with a shoulder strap attached down the side.

tote bag click to hear : tote bag

Fairly large bag having neither divider nor pocket but with a shoulder strap; it is practical, simple and sturdy.