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luggage click to hear : luggage

Articles such as suitcases, boxes and bags that are used to store and protect items packed for a trip.
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luggage carrier stand luggage elastic frame garment bag zipper

luggage carrier click to hear : luggage carrier

Wheeled stand that is pulled with a handle; suitcases are placed on it to transport them.

stand click to hear : stand

Foldaway part of the luggage carrier on which the suitcases are placed.

luggage elastic click to hear : luggage elastic

Sturdy elastic cord with a hook at one end that is wrapped around pieces of luggage to restrain them during transport.

frame click to hear : frame

Structure consisting of usually metal pieces forming the framework of an object.

garment bag click to hear : garment bag

Soft-sided carrier that encases and protects clothing; it is hung from a built-in hanger.

zipper click to hear : zipper

Closure made up of two lengths of tape edged with teeth that interlock by means of a slide.