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Doors: composed of a movable part, the wing, and a frame; their function is to close up a bay.
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manual revolving door canopy wing push bar compartment enclosure

manual revolving door click to hear : manual revolving door

Rotating door comprised of three or four plateglass wings that, when pushed, pivot around a vertical axis in the manner of a turnstile.

canopy click to hear : canopy

Metal ring forming the upper part of the enclosure, where the guide rail for the wings is located.

wing click to hear : wing

One of the vertical sections of the revolving door.

push bar click to hear : push bar

Horizontal part that is pushed to move the revolving door.

compartment click to hear : compartment

Part bordered by two wings where one or more people enter and push the door to make it rotate.

enclosure click to hear : enclosure

Intermediary space between two rooms or a room and the outside, where the door is placed.