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architecture image

The art of designing and constructing buildings.

pyramid image

Construction with a square base and four triangular faces; it served as a tomb for the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, represented here by the pyramid of Cheops.

Greek theater image

Greek theater
Open-air structure, often built on a hillside, where theatrical performances were staged during antiquity.

Roman house image

Roman house
For wealthy Romans, family life unfolded in spacious luxurious houses whose rooms were arranged around open-air spaces.

castle image

Fortified residence of a feudal lord, designed to protect against assailants.

Vauban fortification image

Vauban fortification
Star-shaped military fortification developed by the Frenchman Vauban in the 17th century.

pagoda image

Place of worship for Buddhists of the Far East, usually made up of a series of stories, each with its own roof.

Aztec temple image

Aztec temple
Pyramid-shaped religious edifice of pre-Columbian Mexico featuring one or several temples.

escalator image

Installation that consists of articulated steps on a continuously turning chain; it allows movement between two levels of a building.

traditional houses image

traditional houses
The dwellings, current or of former times, that characterize a given culture.

city houses image

city houses
Dwelling types found in large urban centers.

Greek temple image

Greek temple
Building that, in antiquity, was dedicated to a divinity and featured a statue of that divinity.

architectural styles image

architectural styles
The architectural styles, or orders, of ancient Greece are distinguished by rules of proportion that govern a building’s columns, entablature and pediment.

Roman amphitheater image

Roman amphitheater
Oval or round building composed of an arena surrounded by tiers; it was used mainly to stage gladiator fights.

cathedral image

The main church of a diocese, the site of the bishop’s see.

elements of architecture image

elements of architecture
Collective term for the components used in the construction of buildings.

elevator image

Mechanical apparatus with a car that provides automated movement of people between the levels of a building.