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façade click to hear : façade

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tympanum portal pier pier splay lintel order trefoil gable flying buttress belfry spire gallery stained glass tracery rose window bell tower louver-board

tympanum click to hear : tympanum

Flat portion of the portal above the door and between the orders.

portal click to hear : portal

Ornamental architectural feature of a façade containing one or several doors.

pier click to hear : pier

Pillar dividing the portal in two and supporting the lintels.

pier click to hear : pier

Masonry pillar supporting the orders.

splay click to hear : splay

Recessed side of the portal that widens from its inside to its outside edge.

lintel click to hear : lintel

Horizontal section of the door frame that fills the opening above a door or portal.

order click to hear : order

Each of the receding arches that form a vault over a portal.

trefoil click to hear : trefoil

Ornamental motif comprised of three lobes.

gable click to hear : gable

Triangular decorative element with molded edges, located above the portal.

flying buttress click to hear : flying buttress

Masonry structure in the shape of a partial arch; it supports a wall by transferring the pressure of the vaults onto an abutment.

belfry click to hear : belfry

Small steeplelike ornament in the shape of a pyramid; it is found on the corners of the transept or on each side of the façade.

spire click to hear : spire

Tapering part in the shape of a pyramid that surmounts the belfry.

gallery click to hear : gallery

Covered passage along the cathedral’s façade, decorated with statues.

stained glass click to hear : stained glass

Translucent decorative work comprised of an assemblage of glass pieces, usually colored, that fills a bay.

tracery click to hear : tracery

Stone framework adorning the inside of a bay.

rose window click to hear : rose window

Large circular bay composed of decorative tracery and stained glass; it is also called a rosette.

bell tower click to hear : bell tower

Tower with bays in which the bells are hung.

louver-board click to hear : louver-board

Inclined slat located in the bell tower bay; it projects the sound of the bells downward.