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vault click to hear : vault

The vault of a Gothic cathedral rests on a series of arches that cross at the summit of the nave and are supported by lateral pillars.
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diagonal buttress tierceron lierne keystone formeret traverse arch

diagonal buttress click to hear : diagonal buttress

Arch connecting two of the vault’s corners through the keystone; it is also called an ogive.

tierceron click to hear : tierceron

Rib connected to a lierne but not to the keystone.

lierne click to hear : lierne

Rib connecting the top of the tierceron to the keystone.

keystone click to hear : keystone

Wedge-shaped stone above the nave where the arches meet; it supports the arches and stabilizes the overall structure.

formeret click to hear : formeret

Arch that supports the vault and is parallel to the axis of the nave.

traverse arch click to hear : traverse arch

Arch that supports the vault and is perpendicular to the axis of the nave.