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Gothic cathedral click to hear : Gothic cathedral

The architectural style of the medieval cathedral (12th century to the Renaissance) is characterized mainly by its ribbed, ogival vaults.
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Lady chapel choir apsidiole pillar arcade crossing buttress side chapel abutment pinnacle flying buttress tower belfry transept spire

Lady chapel click to hear : Lady chapel

Chapel located beyond the walls at the back of the cathedral, in the axis of the nave.

choir click to hear : choir

Area just beyond the transept where the clergy stand during the liturgy.

apsidiole click to hear : apsidiole

Small lateral chapel arranged in a semicircle behind the choir surrounding the apse.

pillar click to hear : pillar

Column designed to support a masonry structure.

arcade click to hear : arcade

Passageway created by resting an arch on two posts.

crossing click to hear : crossing

Area located at the crossing of the transept and the nave of the cathedral.

buttress click to hear : buttress

Masonry structure that supports a load-bearing wall.

side chapel click to hear : side chapel

Chapel adjacent to the nave.

abutment click to hear : abutment

Masonry structure on which a flying buttress rests to transfer the weight of the vault.

pinnacle click to hear : pinnacle

Pyramidal or conical crown on an abutment.

flying buttress click to hear : flying buttress

Masonry structure in the shape of a partial arch; it supports a wall by transferring the pressure of the vaults onto an abutment.

tower click to hear : tower

Elevated construction harboring the bell tower.

belfry click to hear : belfry

Small steeplelike ornament in the shape of a pyramid; it is found on the corners of the transept or on each side of the façade.

transept spire click to hear : transept spire

Tapering part in the shape of a pyramid that surmounts the tower located at the transept crossing.