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peristyle pronaos column naos location of the statue opisthodomos crepidoma

peristyle click to hear : peristyle

Colonnade with one or more rows surrounding the temple.

pronaos click to hear : pronaos

Front section of the temple; it provides access to the naos.

column click to hear : column

Circular pillar supporting the entablature; it is composed of three parts: the base, the shaft and the capital.

naos click to hear : naos

Central part of the temple, designed to house the statue of the divinity.

location of the statue click to hear : location of the statue

Area where the statue of the divinity was placed.

opisthodomos click to hear : opisthodomos

Rear section of the temple where offerings were left.

crepidoma click to hear : crepidoma

Base upon which the building rests; it is composed of several levels.