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Ionic order click to hear : Ionic order

Order characterized by soaring columns with molded bases, capitals with volutes and a continuously sculpted frieze.
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stylobate scotia fillet flute fascia dentil frieze cornice sima euthynteria torus volute abacus tympanum

stylobate click to hear : stylobate

Upper section of the crepidoma; it supports the columns.

scotia click to hear : scotia

Concave molding located at the base of the column.

fillet click to hear : fillet

Flat surface between the transverses.

flute click to hear : flute

Vertical groove along the length of the column.

fascia click to hear : fascia

In the Ionic and Doric styles, each of a number of bands above the architrave.

dentil click to hear : dentil

Rectangular ornament in relief.

frieze click to hear : frieze

Section of the entablature between the cornice and the architrave. In the Ionic order, it is decorated with scenes sculpted in relief.

cornice click to hear : cornice

Molding projection on top of the entablature. In the Ionic order, it is decorated with a series of dentils.

sima click to hear : sima

Decorated molding on the face of the pediment’s sloping cornice.

euthynteria click to hear : euthynteria

Base that serves to level the surface on which the temple rests.

torus click to hear : torus

Molding in the shape of a large ring, located at the base of the column.

volute click to hear : volute

Ornament sculpted in spirals.

abacus click to hear : abacus

Slab covering the capital and supporting the architrave.

tympanum click to hear : tympanum

Triangular surface between the cornice and the pediment’s two sloping cornices.