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Doric order click to hear : Doric order

Order characterized by a squat column with no base, a capital that is not sculpted and a frieze with alternating triglyphs and metopes.
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drum arris flute annulet echinus abacus metope triglyph gutta mutule acroterion

drum click to hear : drum

Each of the sections that make up the shaft of the column.

arris click to hear : arris

Line of intersection between two flutes, forming a sharp angle.

flute click to hear : flute

Vertical groove along the length of the column.

annulet click to hear : annulet

Ring-shaped ornament decorating the base of the capital.

echinus click to hear : echinus

Convex molding supporting the abacus.

abacus click to hear : abacus

Slab covering the capital and supporting the architrave.

metope click to hear : metope

Ornamental panel on the frieze; it is either smooth or sculpted.

triglyph click to hear : triglyph

Ornamental panel on the frieze that features two flutes framed on each side by half flutes.

gutta click to hear : gutta

Decorative motif located beneath the mutule.

mutule click to hear : mutule

Flat ornament, often adorned with drops, attached to the base of the cornice or the frieze.

acroterion click to hear : acroterion

Ornamental feature that rests on a base at the apex and corners of the pediment.