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Corinthian order click to hear : Corinthian order

Order characterized especially by its capital decorated with acanthus leaves.
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torus modillion dentil rosette volute acanthus leaf astragal flute fillet middle torus scotia crepidoma base column shaft capital architrave entablature pediment

torus click to hear : torus

Molding in the shape of a large ring, located at the base of the column.

modillion click to hear : modillion

Ornamental motif placed under the corona of the cornice.

dentil click to hear : dentil

Rectangular ornament in relief.

rosette click to hear : rosette

Ornamental motif inspired by a plant and used to decorate the capital.

volute click to hear : volute

Ornament sculpted in spirals.

acanthus leaf click to hear : acanthus leaf

Decorative pattern characterized by a series of carved leaves whose rounded top is in relief.

astragal click to hear : astragal

Molding that separates the capital of the column from the shaft.

flute click to hear : flute

Vertical groove along the length of the column.

fillet click to hear : fillet

Flat surface between the flutes.

middle torus click to hear : middle torus

Molding separating two tori.

scotia click to hear : scotia

Concave molding located at the base of the column.

crepidoma click to hear : crepidoma

Base upon which the building rests; it is composed of several levels.

base click to hear : base

Lower part of the column, on which the shaft rests.

column click to hear : column

Circular pillar supporting the entablature; it is composed of three parts: the base, the shaft and the capital.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Fluted part of the column, located between the base and the capital.

capital click to hear : capital

Top of the column supporting the entablature.

architrave click to hear : architrave

Lower section of the entablature, directly on top of the capitals of the columns.

entablature click to hear : entablature

Section composed of the architrave, the frieze and the cornice; it supports the pediment.

pediment click to hear : pediment

Triangular section above the entablature.