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pyramid click to hear : pyramid

Construction with a square base and four triangular faces; it served as a tomb for the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, represented here by the pyramid of Cheops.
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shaft air shaft entrance to the pyramid relieving chamber king’s chamber grand gallery queen’s chamber underground chamber descending passage ascending passage

shaft click to hear : shaft

Narrow passage used by the workers to exit the pyramid after blocking the ascending passage at the conclusion of the funeral rites.

air shaft click to hear : air shaft

Ventilation shaft leading outdoors.

entrance to the pyramid click to hear : entrance to the pyramid

Point of entry into the pyramid.

relieving chamber click to hear : relieving chamber

Series of five chambers designed to ease the pressure exerted by the stone blocks on the king’s chamber.

king’s chamber click to hear : king’s chamber

Funeral chamber that housed the pharaoh’s sarcophagus.

grand gallery click to hear : grand gallery

Large passage leading to the king’s chamber.

queen’s chamber click to hear : queen’s chamber

Unfinished chamber thought to be the king’s second chamber; it was probably abandoned because the access passage was too narrow for the sarcophagus.

underground chamber click to hear : underground chamber

Unfinished chamber located at ground level, believed to be the king’s chamber; it was built in case the pharaoh died prematurely.

descending passage click to hear : descending passage

Passage leading to the underground chamber.

ascending passage click to hear : ascending passage

Passage leading to the grand gallery.