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city houses click to hear : city houses

Dwelling types found in large urban centers.
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town houses high-rise apartment semidetached cottage condominiums one-storey house two-storey house

town houses click to hear : town houses

Houses of the same height built in more or less the same style and separated by party walls.

high-rise apartment click to hear : high-rise apartment

Tall building containing multiple dwellings.

semidetached cottage click to hear : semidetached cottage

Single-family dwelling separated from another dwelling by a party wall.

condominiums click to hear : condominiums

Group of lodgings belonging to separate owners who share the building’s maintenance costs.

one-storey house click to hear : one-storey house

Single-family dwelling that contains only one level, the first floor.

two-storey house click to hear : two-storey house

Single-family dwelling that contains two levels, the first floor and a second floor.