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pagoda click to hear : pagoda

Place of worship for Buddhists of the Far East, usually made up of a series of stories, each with its own roof.
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finial roof eave balustrade pillar tile podium stairs bracket base beam

finial click to hear : finial

Ornament tapering to a point, located at the apex of the uppermost roof.

roof click to hear : roof

Sloping surface surmounting each of the pagoda’s floors.

eave click to hear : eave

Roof projection extending from the face of the wall.

balustrade click to hear : balustrade

Support railing along the open edge of the floor.

pillar click to hear : pillar

Solid piece of wood used to support a frame.

tile click to hear : tile

Hard surface, usually made of baked molded clay, used as a covering for roofs.

podium click to hear : podium

Platform surmounting the base.

stairs click to hear : stairs

Series of steps leading to the pagoda entrance.

bracket click to hear : bracket

Projection used to support a beam.

base click to hear : base

Masonry work on which the pagoda rests.

beam click to hear : beam

Horizontal piece of wood that supports the weight of the roof.