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examples of arches click to hear : examples of arches

Arches: curved constructions supported on each side by piers.
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trefoil Tudor stilted basket handle horseshoe ogee lancet equilateral

trefoil click to hear : trefoil

Arch with three lobes.

Tudor click to hear : Tudor

Flattened equilateral arch that is characteristic of the style that flourished in 16th-century England.

stilted click to hear : stilted

Arch that takes the form of a semicircle but is higher than the semicircular arch.

basket handle click to hear : basket handle

Arch that is lower than it is wide and forms an ellipse.

horseshoe click to hear : horseshoe

Arch whose extremities extend beyond a semicircle; it is characteristic of Arab architecture.

ogee click to hear : ogee

Arch comprised of two symmetrical curves that are alternately convex and concave.

lancet click to hear : lancet

Equilateral arch whose span, or distance between the piers, is reduced.

equilateral click to hear : equilateral

Arch forming an acute angle that is characteristic of the Gothic vault.