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semicircular arch click to hear : semicircular arch

Arch in the form of a semicircle.
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pier intrados extrados impost springer voussoir spandrel keystone

pier click to hear : pier

Masonry upright that supports the arch.

intrados click to hear : intrados

Interior surface of the arch.

extrados click to hear : extrados

Exterior surface of the arch.

impost click to hear : impost

Slightly projecting stone that surmounts the pier and supports the springer and the voussoirs.

springer click to hear : springer

Stone that constitutes the arch’s first voussoir and is placed on top of the pier.

voussoir click to hear : voussoir

Each of the stone wedges that make up the arch.

spandrel click to hear : spandrel

Wall surface bordered by the curve of the arch, the start of another wall and the horizontal part above it.

keystone click to hear : keystone

Wedge-shaped stone in the center of an arch whose function is to balance the network of voussoirs.